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About Us

I started Dani Grace Designs after multiple trips to Mexico and purchasing fun, colorful bracelets and jewelry, I found a lack of these kinds of macrame bracelets in the Midwest. On a trip to Mexico in January 2019, I found the one purple bracelet that would change everything; I had to learn how to make it. 

That is when I set out to learn how to make these kinds of bracelets. It started with embroidery floss and the skills every teenage girl learns, making friendship bracelets. I mastered intricate designs of the embroidery floss bracelets and had amassed a collection of 50 bracelets. Throughout the summer of 2019, I discovered more and more ways to make bracelets, making the designs my own.

It was summer and I was fighting through a back injury leading to a bout with depression, I spent most of my free time learning, designing and making bracelets. My new creative outlet was giving me something I could accomplish.

Soon my designs were noticed just by wearing them and orders started coming in. I was noticed by craft show organizers and was asked to sell my designs at a couple craft shows.  I decided I needed to come up with a business name quick. I love all of my six children equally, however, my youngest daughter's nick name of Dani Grace just had a certain ring to it. Thus, Dani Grace Designs was born!

Thank you for supporting Dani Grace Designs!  

Katie <3