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When my friend's granddaughter, Jade DeLucia,  fell ill Christmas Day 2019 and was fighting for her life I felt so saddened and helpless for this little girl.  Jade went to the same daycare and is the same age as my little Dani. I told the story to Joe with tears streaming down my face. Together we decided to donate money to the family but I couldn't shake the feeling I needed to do something more, but what could I do?  
Then it hit me; find out Jade’s favorite color and make a quick bracelet. I thought, maybe we could sell a handful and make $50 to support Jade and her family.

I found out her favorite color was pink.  I threw together my most basic design, took an ugly, poorly lite picture of the bracelet and posted it to the Facebook Fundraiser for Jade page. To say that it took off....would be an understatement.

Within 24 hours I had five legal pad pages full of orders.  That's when I launched www.danigracedesigns.com and started taking orders through my website to help keep track and accept payments.

After making over 60 bracelets I ran out of supplies but had more on order.  Joe and I were also leaving for two days over New Year's to watch our oldest daughters perform at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. I received a spool of thread just before we left and took it on the plane to get a head start on the orders.

The Saturday after we came back from Orlando we had eight volunteers come and help to make bracelets for Jade. In the weeks that followed more volunteers have dedicated their time to help make the #withjade bracelets to help this amazing little girl and her family



 This one small thing, a pink bracelet became a beacon of solidarity and hope among friends and strangers.





Join the fight for Jade by joining the Facebook group----> http://bit.ly/2NFK59S

 Donate directly to Jade's family via a GoFundMe page set up on Jade's behalf http://bit.ly/2R9yy4Q

Where something small can have a big impact. 


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