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Americana Bracelet Pack

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The Americana Bracelet pack is five bracelets designed to be worn together or on their own   bracelets that coordinate beautifully together in red, white, navy, light pink and turquoise. 

These beautiful, fashionable bracelets are made from waxed polyester imported from Brazil twisted and then gently melted for a secure bracelet that water-resistant for all day wear.

The Americana pack includes five bracelets 

The Erin (square knotted variety) in red

The Amber (string variety)in white

The Amber (string variety) in red, white, navy, light pink and turquoise

The Emma in navy blue with a silver heart

The Amber in turquoise

Bracelets are adjustable from 6" to 9” wrist.


All of our bracelets are hand made so items may vary slightly